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'Silent Twins' Wouldn't Speak Until One Sacrificed Themselves For The Other

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It's well documented that twins have a connection like none other. Both fraternal and identical twins can attest to a type of telepathy that occurs between them. It can't really be explained, but it's definitely a thing.

There is arguably not a more well-documented case of twin telepathy than June and Jennifer Gibbons, twin sisters who grew up in Wales.

If you love odd and creepy old news, get ready for this roller coaster.

Growing Up

June and Jennifer Gibbons were born in Barbados in 1963. Their father was a technician in the Airforce and shortly after their birth, the twins and their family moved to Wales. June and Jennifer were the only black children in their class at school, so they were often segregated. Because of the traumatic exclusion they suffered, teachers dismissed them early in order to let them get home safely every day.

Their language was already difficult to understand due to their high-speed communication, and it eventually turned into something called cryptophasia, meaning a language only twins can understand between each other. June and Jennifer began only speaking to each other or their sister Rose. By the time they turned 14, therapists were brought in to have the girls speak to others. However, they never did. Each girl was sent to a different boarding school in an attempt to socialize, but they became catatonic and withdrawn.

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Eeerie Writing

After being reunited from boarding school, June and Jennifer spent hours in their rooms together in complete isolation. In 1979, they were each given journals as Christmas gifts. It inspired them to send away for a mail-order writing course so they could learn how to write novels. They each wrote several, all of them centering around women with criminal tendencies and strange behavior.

June wrote a novel called Pepsi-Cola Addict, where a high-school student was seduced by a teacher and then gets sent away to a reformatory where a guard forces him into a homosexual relationship. Jennifer wrote a book called The Pugilist, where a doctor's child needs a heart transplant so the doctor kills the family dog to use its heart. The dog's spirit then lives on in the child and gets revenge on the father.

Unbelievable Facts

So how did they end up in an asylum?

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