Simon Cowell Donates $65,000 For 4-Year-Old's Cancer Treatment

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If you're a fan of Simon Cowell, chances are you've seen his harsh but honest attitude as a judge on several reality talent show competitions.

While Cowell is known for his critical comments to the hundreds of competitors, it appears that the Got Talent franchise creator's ruthless persona is only reserved for the small screen.

Earlier this month it was reported Cowell donated £25,000 ($32,600 USD) to the Human Society International (HSI) in their goal of shutting down a dog meat farm in South Korea.

"That's what happens in the world today."

Cowell's often voiced his opposition against animal cruelty and even appeared on Good Morning Britain last December to speak out on the horrifying realty of dog meat farms.

"It's like eating your friend. And it's the fact you're eating such a kind, helpless, sweet animal," he said on the talk show. "It is strength, in my opinion, to say we are not going to do it."

"If everyone could come together now, through social media, through a different generation who just say no, enough people will listen. That's what happens in the world today."

However, Cowell's charitable side isn't limited to our canine companions, as it was revealed he had donated £50,000 ($65,6700 USD) for a four-year-old's cancer treatment.

"We will not watch him die."

In May 2018, four-year-old Zachariah (Zac) Oliver was diagnosed with an extremely rare and aggressive form of childhood Leukaemia called Near Haploid.

According to the youngster's JustGiving fundraising page, he's already endured four months of chemotherapy, but the treatment has failed to kill the cancer.

Zac's father Mark Garbett said on the site that "the alternatives available in the UK have a very limited chance of success," and is looking to raise the needed £500,000 ($650,670 USD) needed to send him to the Kymriah at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia so he can participate in a clinical trial to receive Car T-cell therapy.

"We will not watch him die. We will not wait for his little body to become weak from all the toxic chemotherapy before giving our little boy what could be a lifesaving treatment," Garbett wrote.

Although Garbett said the treatment is still classified as experimental, it's the best chance Zac has to eradicate the cancer.

The Philadelphia Inquirer reports that about 6,000 children in the United States and Europe are diagnosed with the disease every year, but treatments such as chemotherapy, radiation and stem-cell transplants cure about 85% of the patients.

Unfortunately, those who have a relapse have a significantly lower survival rate.

"When it comes back, it usually ends in a rapid death," his mother, Hannah Oliver-Willets told the news publication.

However, when Cowell, who's a father to a four-year-old boy himself, heard of the the Shropshire, England boy's plight, he decided to donate a substantial sum of money in an effort to get him to America.

"This boy is four years old and needs money to get him to America to get the help he needs."

On October 12, Cowell spoke ahead of Zacfest, a fundraiser for the little boy at Telford Town Park, and asked the public to donate money for his medical treatment.

Thank you to Simon Cowell for doing such an amazing job at supporting our cause. I explained to Zac that Simon has helped to pay for his special medicine. Zac said 'thanks si' lol little does he know exactly what this actually means and how much closer we really are to getting him to the US. Xxxx

Posted by Hannah Oliver-Willets on Friday, October 12, 2018

"This boy is four years old and needs money to get him to America to get the help he needs," Cowell said.

"So I want you please to go on Zac Oliver's JustGiving page and whatever you can donate will make a difference."

"And because I don't like well-known people telling people to do something and don't do anything themselves, I'm going to donate £50,000. We're going to get there."

His mother later thanked the music mogul, saying, "Thank you, Simon Cowell. I explained to Zac that Simon has helped to pay for his special medicine. Zac said "˜thanks Si', lol. Little does he know how much closer we really are to getting him to the US."

Regardless of what you think of Cowell, there's no denying he has a heart of gold.

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We're sending out thoughts and prayers out to Zac and hope he make's a full recovery.

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