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Simon Cowell Is Now Officially More Popular Than God

When you think of the 10 best things in the world, what do you come up with? From tropical getaways, to amazing food, and good deeds going unnoticed, there's a lot of things to be thankful for.

More than 1,400 children under the age of 10 took part in a poll to name the 10 best things in the world. The results were surprising to some.

We all remember the public outcry in 1966 when John Lennon claimed that the Beatles had become bigger than Jesus.

Well, Simon Cowell better take that under consideration before he responds to the results of this poll which puts him ahead of both God and the Queen of England.

Simon Cowell, the well-known judge of various talent shows in the US and UK secured a spot in the top 10 with his show X Factor.

Friends and family unsurprisingly took the overall top spot with being happy and famous as second and third, followed by health and being rich.  

"This is the first year that friends and family have topped the best things in the world list, which often features being rich and famous, although wealth and fame are still in the top five," said Patricia Murchie from Luton First the organization that annually runs this poll.

"Being fat" topped the list in the category for the world things in the world among pre-teens.

"It seems clear that many pre-teens are more concerned than ever with their looks and weight - possibly reflecting media images of glamour, and new educational initiatives in nutrition and healthy eating," Murchie said.

Last year's survey also found that children would ban divorce, if they ruled the world, which was ahead of laws against knives and guns.

The survey that was released on National Kids' Day strived to give children a voice when they typically wouldn't be heard.

"The idea of the special Kids' Day is to give pre-teens a national voice for their opinions in a very simple format," Murchie said.

"This particular age group has some very clear ideas on how the world could be changed for the better, but are very rarely given the opportunity to express them."

Source: Telegraph / NY Daily News / Independent