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Simon Cowell's New Look Has Fans Feeling Very Confused

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Britain's Got Talent will be back on television soon, but the show has already garnered a lot of online publicity, thanks to one of the judges.

Simon Cowell, along with his fellow judges and the show's hosts, recently got together for the show's press launch, but instead of focusing on what's coming up in the new season, everyone's eyes were on Cowell.

Even though Cowell was rocking his usual uniform, a white t-shirt and light blue wash jeans, people couldn't help but notice that he looked much different than when we last saw him.

The music mogul's face appeared puffier than usual, which left a lot of people surprised and wondering "what the hell is going on with Simon Cowell's face?!?!"

One person said that the 59-year-old "looks like he's been blowtorched to death," while another compared him to "fake Santa from Santa Claus 2."

Others were convinced that the man in the photo isn't Cowell, but a bad look-a-like or a "waxwork that's been heated up."

While it's clear that Cowell's visage does not look like it once used to, the reason behind the change is not known.

Some argued that the photo is the result of a bad photoshop editing, and then there are those who believe the candid judge went under the knife.

Cowell has previously opened up about having a non-surgical sewing bioplastic-infused thread facelift to keep him wrinkle-free.

"There's lots of things you can do now," Cowell, who spent nearly $3,000 on the procedure, said in an interview with The Sun. "You don't just have to stuff your face with filler and Botox. It hurts like hell but it gets rid of sun damage and unplugs all the crap."

Cowell also used to be a big fan of botox, and credited the injections for adding "10 years" to his TV career.

Like everyone else, Cowell is free to do what he wants with his face and body. As long as he's happy with the way he looks, he shouldn't be shamed for it.

Do you think Cowell looks unrecognizable?

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