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Simon Cowell Offers Huge Reward After Little Boy's Puppy Is Stolen

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A cry for help from a three-year-old boy caught the attention of everyone, including talent judge Simon Cowell.

While Cowell may look tough to impress on screen, he has a soft spot for those in need, and Edward Latter's letter stood out to him.

When the 10-month-old border terrier, Morse, disappeared from his family's home they put up missing posters all over the neighborhood.

The devastated young boy looked for a Christmas miracle to help bring his friend back. Penning a heartbreaking letter to Santa, he asked for the biggest Christmas gift at all.

“Dear Father Christmas,” Edward Latter’s letter started out. He continued on “I just want one present for Christmas this year, my dog Morse back. I’ve been a very good boy all year. Thank you, Edward aged two and three-quarters.”

Thousands of people joined the hunt for the family pet, and even Simon Cowell offered to get involved.

Putting up a $14,000 reward to anyone that could help find the family dog, Cowell was hoping the young boy's pet would be returned home.

A source close to Cowell said, "It's heartbreaking to see a little boy's Christmas ruined. Dogs are so important to so many of us. We just hope it helps lead to the safe return of Morse."

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