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When This 13 Year Old Opened His Mouth He Sent Shivers Down My Spine


America's Got Talent is the most popular talent show competition in the U.S., and for good reason.

You get to watch performers, whether it be singers, dancers, magicians, or musicians, of all ages appear before celebrity judges to get their chance at winning a $1 million prize.

Every year we come to watch a new season, eager to see undiscovered talent from the little corners of America and the world.

And every year we are stunned by the amazing acts!

What I love about this show is that there's no age limit. Talent isn't reserved for a certain demographic.

The young people on this show haven't ceased to amaze me, and one person in particular is Jeffrey Li.

The 13-year-old teenager from Toronto, Canada went before the judges explaining that he hopes this competition will help him cope with the loneliness that he feels.

"I'm the only child. So I'd love a companion. I guess, a dog," he confessed.

"If you do well," Simon said, "I'm going to buy you a dog."

It was clear that Jeffrey felt nervous, but then he started singing a rendition of "You Raise Me Up," and the crowd went wild.

Not only was the audience stunned by the incredible performance, the judges were too!

Watch Jeffrey's audition below!

Not only did Jeffrey get a "yes" from every judge, he's also getting a pup!

Did you watch this performance thinking this boy looks familiar?

Jeffrey also appeared on a Chinese talent show when he was a little kid!

He even performed the same song!

This performance has more than 46 million views on YouTube (the original video).

Which version did you like better?

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