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10 Simple Hacks For When Your Body Is Acting Up

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There are many things we have no control of, especially when it comes to how our bodies function. We can't just tell it stop sneezing or hiccuping. We can't magically stop the pain in our back or the migraine that's been ruining your day.

There's no need to wait until your body goes back to normal because there are some simple tricks that can alleviate or cure all these problems.  

Here are 10 "so easy a caveman can do it" hacks for when your body is acting up.

10. Hiccup

There are countless methods to getting rid of hiccups. Here are three tried and tested methods that have worked for many people.  

  1. Gargle with cold water or drink a glass of water very slowly.
  2. Have someone frighten you.
  3. Slightly lean forward and gently compress the chest.

9. Sneezing

To prevent a sneeze, press your tongue firmly against the back of your teeth.

If your eyes are starting to close and your sneeze has begun, look at a bright light. This can also help to make you sneeze if it won't come out, or you can go the extra step and try to pluck a nose hair.

8. Eye twitch

Apply a warm compress to your eyes and massage them very gently.

Keep in mind that eye twitches tend to be attributed to lack of sleep.

7. Lower back pain

To lesson the pain in your lower back region, try a popular yoga pose. The Child's Pose is extremely effective to relieve some of that tension. Stay in this pose for several minutes. Try wiggling your hips around while in this position to give your lower back muscles an extra stretch.

6. Upper back and neck pain

Tense your upper back muscles while raising them, then hold for a few seconds, and relax. Repeat a couple more times and you'll feel much better.

These next body hacks are lifesavers!

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