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For 40 years These Sisters Searched For Each Other, They Finally Found Each Other In The Most Unlikely Place

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Orphaned sisters, Meagan Hughes (Eun-Sook) and Holly Hoyle O'Brien (Pok-nam) were separated decades ago with little hope of ever being reunited.

After suffering the tragedy of abandonment and living in orphanages, the half-sisters were torn apart when Hughes was taken away from their alcoholic father by her mother. Sadly, the woman left her half-sister, who was two years older in his care.

The girls never saw each other again.

Meagan HughesHerald Tribune
Holly O'BrienHerald Tribune

After their father died, O'Brien ended up in an orphanage from which she was adopted by an American family. With a new name and a new life in Virginia, she always wondered whatever became of her younger sister.

Hughes had memories of a Korean orphanage, but, being so young, does not know what happened to her biological mother. She was also adopted by an American family who brought her home to her new life in New York.

Now, both in their 40's, fate found a way to reunite the sisters in a way that can only be described as destiny...

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