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6 Animals Whose Incredible Journeys To Find Their Families Will Make You Feel Warm And Fuzzy Inside

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Kuzya The Wondercat

You would think it could only be a big, strong dog that could survive the elements of a treacherous country, but sometimes the dainty house cats we know can surprise us! Such is the case with Kuzya, who was on vacation with his family in Eastern Russia when he decided to do some exploring of his own. When it came time for the family to return home, they were heart broken.

That is, until three months later when Kuzya returned home, after travelling 1,300 miles across Siberia. He had a few cuts and scratches, looked a little mangy, but this intrepid kitty truly went the distance.

Moon The Siberian Husky

Huskies are known for their high level of intelligence and loyalty to their owners, but every now and then, one seems to go above and beyond. Moon was a two-year-old Husky that enjoyed camping with her owner, Doug Dashiell, in Northern Nevada. They were out in the back-country, about 80 miles from home, when Moon came off her chain and chased something into the woods.

While this wasn't too unusual (anyone with a Husky knows they love to run around), after a few hours Dashiell began to worry. When he had to return home the next day, he thought that was the last he would ever see of Moon.

He was wrong. She trekked over 80 miles of desert, rivers, and even mountains to find her owner, and she hasn't run off again since!

Thought these were unbelievable? How about these next pets that literally crossed continents to cozy back up onto their owners laps!

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