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Use These Six Body Language Tips To Appear Confident To Those Around You

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It's never right to judge a book by its cover, but there's something about the way people carry themselves that causes us to make snap decisions about their character. As social creatures, it's one thing that will never change about us, but there are ways that you can use it to your advantage.

Whether you just want to appear more confident to your friends, or seem more like a leader to your coworkers, here are six tips that will make you look like a winner!

Mirror Image

When speaking to someone face-to-face, try to imitate some of their actions and facial emotions. This will make them think you admire them and agree with what they are saying more than your words will!

Strut Your Stuff

Make no mistake: People will judge you the moment you step into a room. Put your best foot forward to carry confidence with you as you show everyone you can "walk-the-walk."

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We all get an uneasy feeling when someone won't look us in the eye. It makes them seem dishonest and anxious in what they are saying. When speaking to someone about something important, make sure you maintain a comfortable level of eye contact. Don't forget to blink though!

Here are some other ways to improve your image in subtle ways that you don't normally think about.

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