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6 Easy Things To Do With Your Pumpkins That Don't Involve Carving

Crafty Morning / Garden Lovers Club

As Halloween approaches, you may be tempted to try your hand at carving crazy and spooky designs into your pumpkins. But if you'd like to try something a bit more adventurous, here are some unique ideas for spicing up this holiday tradition!

Pumpkin Spice Latte Face Mask

Yes, you read that correctly. You can now apply your PSL directly to your face, and it actually has a number of health benefits! This recipe uses ingredients that you would typically find in your local cafe too!

Turns out pumpkins have a ton of vitamins and enzymes that revitalize your skin. Coffee and brown sugar have long been known to have exfoliating and moisturizing properties, and a cinnamon-honey mixture will add much needed antibacterial protection as you head into cold and flu season.

Melted Crayon Decoration

This fabulous idea is definitely easier than having to carve out a whole pumpkin and deal with all the 'guts', and it's incredible to look at! The colors look fantastic on either white or orange pumpkins and it doesn't require a lot of materials to make either.

All you need are a variety of wax crayons, some tacky glue, a hair dryer, and of course your Halloween pumpkin! Simply glue the crayons to the top of the holiday gourd and then turn the hair dryer up to max and watch as the colors melt down the sides!

Pumpkin Beer Keg

If you've ever wanted to infuse that classic fall flavor into your favorite beers and ciders, then this is the easy-to-DIY way to do so!

You begin by clearing out the inside of the pumpkin as usual, removing the stringy pulp, and then make a small hole in the side, about a half inch across but no larger! Next, simply drive a small tap into the side of the pumpkin and make sure it is flush to the sides of the hole so that there will be no leaks later on.

Now simply pour in your choice of beverage into the top of the pumpkin, replace the top, and enjoy your homemade keg!

Now check out these festive ways of sprucing up your home with this seasonal fruit!

Tired of putting up the same decorations year after year? Drop the cobwebs and pull out your pumpkins because we've got some seriously cool ideas with what to do with these orange treats!

Flower Planters

If this crafty display appeals to your green thumb, then you are in luck! We've previously covered a great way to make a basic flower planter to fit your gardening needs, but now we're including even more creative ways to showcase your Hallowed Eves' spirit while keeping your house flourishing!

Like adding bows or spiders to accent the flowers!

Or planting different things such as succulents!

Bird Feeder

Why not give your local feathered-friends a treat this Halloween too? Here's a great beginning level craft for those who want to impress the neighborhood with something 'on-the-fly'!

For this item, you'll need a smaller sized pumpkin (no more than 10 lbs) some small sticks, sturdy rope or twine, and have some birdseed ready to go!

First step is to slice the pumpkin in half and then clean out the inside, making sure you leave enough of a hollow for the seed to rest in. You also want to make sure the walls of the pumpkin are approximately half an inch thick. This is for you to push your sticks into the sides, acting as perches for your avian-friends to rest on as they munch away!

Attach a tack to the bottom of the pumpkin and tie a knot with the two lines of rope. Hang the other ends to wherever you would like to see the birds flock to! Make sure you save some pumpkin seeds from before as larger birds will want a taste!

Homemade Pumpkin Pie

It is a mark of pride when you can say you made a dish from scratch, and this counts for double when it is a seasonal meal. Pumpkin pie is a staple this time of year and you shouldn't shy away from making this delectable treat for your family and friends!

In this recipe from the FoodNetwork, you'll get to use an actual pumpkin from a patch! Just make sure to check for firmness when selecting it for eating as you don't want one that is too over/under-ripe.

Some health benefits of eating pumpkin (pie or otherwise) include better vision, lower blood pressure, and helping you sleep better. Make sure you have a big slice!

Share this with your friends to see what they come up with this fall season!