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The Way You Sleep Reveals So Much More About About Your Personality Than You'd Expect

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Your personality may seem like a mysterious and unique thing that isn't easily defined, but there are a bunch of things you do that are dead giveaways.

You can tell a lot about a person by what their habits are, when they were born, and even by how they sleep.

That's right, not just your sleeping habits, but how you actually lay down will give you insight into what your personality is like. Check out these sleeping positions below and see if the way you sleep matches your personality.

The Fetal Position

Sleeping in the fetal position means that you may have a tough and confident exterior, but are actually shy and sensitive. You may take some time to open up but when you do, you are warm and welcoming.

The Log

Lying on your side with your arms relaxed on your body means that you are social, a great conversationalist and engaging. You are however, gullible at times.

The Yearner Position

Ben Kim/Epoch Times

The "Yearner" position is almost half way between the log and the fetal position. It's typical of those who are open and good at communicating, but are suspicious and cynical.

The Soldier

Perfectly straight in bed with your arms at your side means that you are disciplined and reserved. You are also more likely to be confident even though you are quiet.

The Free Faller

Sleeping on your stomach with your arms wrapped around a pillow is typical of those people who are bold and extroverted, but dislike criticism.

There are still more sleeping positions to check out, see if yours or even your partner's matches up...

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