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Sleep Talking: What It Means And How To Make It Stop

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While snoring is easily the most annoying habit your sleeping partner can have, sleep talking definitely takes second place.

Not only can this strange condition mess with your beauty rest, it can also be downright creepy.

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A recent study recorded a number of patients living with sleep talking (or "parasomnia") during their midnight chats. The results were freaky: almost a quarter of the words used by sleep talkers were negative, and 22% were "nasty" or mean.

One sleep scientist guesses that people sleep talk about the things we're afraid to mention during the day, but we're still learning more about this condition all the time.

To make things worse, it's common for sleep talkers to use a "creepy," unnatural voice, because they're not conscious when they speak in their dreams.

If you're losing sleep because your partner loves to gab into their pillow, don't worry. We know enough about parasomnia to help you beat this condition.

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