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The Strange Reason Some People Have A Small Hole Above Their Ear

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When I was growing up, I was a precocious youngster and always noticed the nooks and crannies of everything I stumbled upon. I had an eye for detail and probably took more notice of my environment in comparison to the average kid.

One of these things included a tiny hole just above my father's ear. While I noticed the oddity, I never thought much of it, as I was under the assumption it was most likely the consequence of an unhealed prick.

However, according to researchers, there is a scientific reason some people are born with the unusual hole, which is called a preauricular sinus.

According to the Daily Mirror, in the U.K., less than 1% of its citizens have this tiny hole. In the U.S., the chances of having the malformation is lower, and in Asia and parts of Africa, only about 4% to 10% of people have been affected.

While the hereditary trait is often believed to only be on one ear, up to 50% of people can have them on both.

With all this in mind, the real question plaguing everyone's mind is if this condition can cause a person harm.

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