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What Your Snack Food Cravings Say About Your Personality Type

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KK / Cosmopolitan

We all have our secret vices. For some, it's melt-in-your mouth chocolate, for others, it's the salty crunch of a potato chip, and who can say that they haven't stolen a few gummy bears from time to time?

According to dietitians, the comfort foods that we choose to enjoy say a lot about who we are as people, and what is missing in our lives.

First of all, what is a craving? Apparently, it's the result of physical triggers from your environment, like your typical diet, and mental influences, like memories you have of certain foods.

So if you have been eating healthily and are proud of your diet, but your partner mentions something negative about your weight, you may feel inclined to reach for something that has comforted you in the past since there's "no point" to eat right.

There are also draws to particular foods that explain certain aspects of your life and habits to people, just by what you reach for when no one is looking!

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