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What Do You Do When A Snake Starts Slithering On Your Windshield When You're Driving

NY Daily News

If you thought Snakes On A Plane was bad enough, you haven't got a clue. Sure the movie was terrible on so many levels, but the concept of being trapped in a metal cigar tube flying through the air, filled with deadly snakes is actually pretty terrifying. But we all know that it was complete fiction.

Now imagine finding yourself dealing with a real life horror coming out of nowhere while travelling in a moving vehicle, say, your car as you speed down the local highway. That was the reality that a Memphis family faced in July 2011 as they were travelling together.

Twenty-six-year-old Rachel Fisher was driving her family's SUV when a huge snake slithered out of their engine and onto the windshield of their vehicle. Her husband was in the passenger seat and immediately pulled out his cell phone in order to record the wildly unusual encounter.

The couple also had their three children, Elizabeth, 3, Judah, 2, and Rivers, 4 months, sitting in the backseat when the snake made its now infamous appearance.

How did something like this happen?

"My husband saw it out of the corner of his eye and did a double-take," said Fisher. "He whips out his phone and turns it on and captures the whole thing until it falls off."

It's likely that the snake managed to slither up into the SUV's engine compartment the night before when their vehicle had been parked at Fisher's parent's house.

"We assume the engine just got too hot and it went looking for a cooler place," said Fisher. "Usually, snakes don't freak me out that much, but I was clenching everything," she said, still laughing a bit nervously about the incident. "It was really weird. I mean, didn't know what the heck it was. We just knew it was a huge snake and the kids were the in back."

Eventually the snake fell off the vehicle, and we assume it quickly became a victim of vehicles travelling behind the Fishers.

What would you do if this happened to you while you were driving?