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5 Types Of Snoring, And How To Make It Stop So You Can Finally Get Some Sleep

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We are all exhausted. That's basically just a universal fact at this point. It doesn't seem to matter whether or not we go to bed early, we all wake up feeling a bit like a zombie. For many of us, it's because snoring is interrupting our sleep.

Whether you are the perpetrator or the person trying to sleep next to it, it's bound to keep you up all night. It's not just the people beside the snoring sleeper, the person who is making those lawnmower sounds with their mouth is actually experiencing a worse quality of sleep than they need to feel rested.

To stop someone from snoring, you need to know why they are snoring. There are 5 different causes and each have their own best solution so you can finally sleep soundly through the night.


1. Nose

Cause: Blocked nasal passages or by nostrils that actually collapse, which makes a person breathe through their mouth.

Test: How can you tell if it's your nose causing the snoring? Try pressing one nostril closed and try to breathe through your nose with your mouth closed. Does the other nostril collapse? Can you breathe easily? If not, then you are probably snoring because of your nose.

How to make it stop: The best methods to stop nose snoring is by using nasal strips, a nasal dilator or a nasal spray that will help widen your nasal passages and prevent the nostrils from collapsing, therefore reducing the vibrations (aka the terrible snoring noises).

2. Mouth Breather

Cause: The mouth and jaw relaxing too much while sleeping, and falling open.

Test: If you open your mouth and make a snoring noise, try to close your mouth while doing it and see if it continues.

How to make it stop: They actually make straps that hold your mouth closed. You can also use a mouth guard designed for snoring or a mouth spray to help relax the muscles.

3. Tongue

Cause: The tongue drops to the back of your mouth and blocks the airways.

Test: Make a snoring noise and then stick your tongue out as far as you possible can, gripping it with your teeth. Can you still make the noise or is it reduced?

How to make it stop: A Mandibular advancement device (MAD) is your best bet for tongue snorers. It helps secure your lower jaw forward along with your tongue so that you are capable of breathing through the night.

Unfortunately those aren't the only causes of snoring...

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