SoberUp Delivers On A Promise We've Been Making For Hundreds Of Years

The oldest known winery in the world is believed to be about six thousand years old, which means that remedies for overindulgence are probably around that old too. Six thousand years is a long time to come up with some interesting solutions to the hangover problem.

"I know just the thing, trust me." Stop me if you've heard that before. For every person who has ever been hungover, there is a hangover remedy. Everyone has promised they can fix the aftereffects from a night out, but I've only found one thing that has actually delivered.

We've seen everything from Big Macs to more drinking, but few "morning after" rituals seem to make a dent in the damage we do to ourselves after a night of drinking.


SoberUp is a refreshing mix of 5000-year-old Eastern wisdom with brand new western technology. It uses science to properly apply the benefits found from natural herbs and extracts to make our bodies feel better. SoberUp is filled with naturally-occurring antioxidants that help the liver recover and boost mental acuity.

When you drink, your liver is kicked into overdrive, filtering toxins from your system. Your sleep is also affected, meaning that when you wake up you'll be more groggy and less aware than you would normally be. SoberUp answers both these problems by naturally detoxifying your body and promoting your mental awareness. It's a lot better than a raw egg and a lot of regret.


Life is about working hard, but also enjoying the good times. For most of us, "enjoying" means good food, great friends, and usually a drink or two or more. You can enjoy a night out without alcohol, but when you do want to kick loose is it really fair to have to pay for it all the next day?

The folks at SoberUp didn't think so. They set out to help people enjoy their life, without sacrificing the things that they enjoyed. Their elixir has received buzz from places like Metro, The New York Times, and more.

You can count Shared on that list too. I took SoberUp this morning after I had a few ill-advised weekday cocktails last night. I came in sluggish, but one hour after taking it am more alert than usual.


Take SoberUp with a glass of water, but the earthy, herbal flavor doesn't require a chaser. It's fresh and minty and truthfully better than I expected. The water will help the herbs be metabolized by your body, ensuring they have full effect.

SoberUp can be taken after a night out, during a party, or even without alcohol involved at all. Detoxifying is always a good idea even without drinking and most of us could benefit from a mental boost now and again. Since it's sourced with natural ingredients and contains no caffeine or added sugar, it's completely safe to work into your daily routines.

The chances you go all this year without taking a drink are slim. If you are looking to avoid the dreaded Booze Blues I highly recommend trying SoberUp.

Get SoberUp here Your body will thank you.

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