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Soccer Game Interrupted For 7 Minutes While This Hilarious Dog Absolutely Refuses To Get Off The Field

When athletes go out onto the field, they are focused and ready to give it there all. So when a little interruption becomes a long and drawn out process, it gets to be a bit much.

A beagle completely stopped a soccer game for OVER SEVEN MINUTES! He ran out onto the field seemingly out of nowhere and wanted nothing more than to play and bolt around, always just out of reach of the players.

He was out on the field for so long and you can see that they are getting frustrated. The owner made their way to try to lure the dog away, but he still wanted to play. Maybe it's like an Air Bud situation and they should just give the dog a chance! Think of the publicity? "Super star dog soccer player scores the winning goal!" That would make a great headline.

Instead the little guy was circled and caught, returning back to the stands with his owner. Now he will never be able to realize his soccer dream....

There is a sped up version of the chase that makes it look straight out of a old movie or you can watch the full 7 minutes below.