13 Memes People With Social Anxiety Will 100% Understand

The problem with social anxiety is that there are 10,000 problems with social anxiety. I want to go out and have friends, but I also want to stay inside and never interact with people.

If you're like me, then these memes will definitely resonate with you.

1. Invite me, but also don't.

Quincy Fox

2. I'll just wait for them to initiate.

The Mighty

3. Same, Eric.

We Know Memes/That 70s Show

4. Is this not what everyone does before they go to bed?


5. It's a better rush than heroin.

The Mighty

6. These are my people!!


7. Past me has made it hard for present me.

The Mighty

8. You just need to understand how to work around it.


9. We either talk now, or I die of stress before we speak.


10. It's not that I wanted to be there, it's that I wanted you to want me to be there.

11. The eternal struggle.

12. Give me some chips and my bed, I'll be happy.


13. If you really thought I was going to be going, that's on you.


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