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Soldier Puts His Life At Risk To Save Woman When Her Car Catches On Fire

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North Carolina National Guard

A soldier just proved what it is to be brave, when he risked his life to save a woman who had been in a car accident. After witnessing an enormous crash in front of him, Staff Sergeant Cory Hinkle said that he "didn't think twice" and took off running towards the cars.

Most people would get out of the way of two vehicles that were sending up plumes of smoke, but Hinkle knew he had to step in.

The head-on collision took place near the airport, when one car went over the center line and hit another. After watching this terrifying accident, he realized that the woman who had been hit was having issues getting out of the car. Even though there was gasoline pouring all over the street, Hinkle rushed in because he knew he had to.

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