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Soldiers Plan Gender Reveal For Army Widow, And The Video Is Going Viral

Joel Crunk / Brittany Harris

When Brittany Harris first met her husband Christopher, she knew right away they had a connection.

Brittany and Christopher met through a mutual friend.Rebel Circus

The couple met through a mutual friend, became close right away, and tied the knot last year. But sadly their love story was cut short. Christopher was a U.S. Army Specialist serving in Afghanistan, and he was killed in August by a suicide bomber. It was a tragic end for the soldier, who was only 25 years old.

Harris was just 25 when he died.Army Times

Brittany remembers her husband as a humble man who "treated everybody the same" and "never hesitated when it came to helping and would do anything to help others." In fact, Harris was recognized by the Army after he saved the life of a man who had been stabbed.

But while Brittany was grappling with her husband's death, she took comfort in the "little miracle" he left behind. Just six weeks before Christopher's death, Brittany found out she was pregnant with their first child. Thankfully, she was able to share the news with her husband before he passed away.

Harris learned he was going to be a father a week before he passed away.Brittany Harris

A week before the bombing, Brittany face-timed her husband and showed him a custom onesie that read "Chris you're going to be a Dad!" along with a pair of positive pregnancy tests. "When I told him," Brittany remembers, "it was the happiest I'd ever seen him."

And while he's gone, Christopher's fellow soldiers found the perfect way to remember him...

We've shared a few memorable gender reveals before, but none of them measure up to the surprise Harris's fellow soldiers planned for Brittany.

Harris's Army buddies planned a gender reveal for their fallen comrade's child.Joel Crunk / YouTube

The other members of the 82nd Airborne Division helped the widow reveal her baby's gender in an awesome video, taped while they were still in Afghanistan. We won't spoil how it turned out until you watch the video below.

Warning: This clip contains strong language.

It was a touching moment for Brittany, and not just because she found out whether she was expecting a boy or a girl. She calls her late husband's Army buddies his "family," and says he would appreciate them remembering him like this.

"I cried tears of joy for the first time since Chris passed away" she told CNN about watching the video, "I felt excitement." She also admits that she "watched it 100 times myself."

Harris says her daughter will learn all about her father.Brittany Harris

Brittany plans to name her daughter Christian Michelle Harris, after her father, and promises that her "miraculous little princess" will learn all about her namesake. "I want her to know that she's her dad's legacy," she said.

Harris says her husband's Army buddies are his "family."Brittany Harris

While Brittany is spending her first wedding anniversary alone this month, Christian is expected in March.

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