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Solider with PTSD Meets The Inmate Who Trained The Dog That Saved Him

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The program offers a deep sense of satisfaction for the women- most of whom are serving a sentence for murder, though often their victims were their own tormentors.

Despite being in prison the inmates have found a purpose they can be proud of.

"I took a life, and I'm responsible for that, and I think about it every day," said Rosalie Cutting. She helped to train a dog named Greta to help a blind woman. "We can't change why we're here...I changed somebody's life." she added.

Bill made the trip to Bedford Hills to thank Laurie for the training that gave Pax the ability to help him.


The two sat alongside the other pups and women in the training program and Laurie was able to share how Pax helped her.

“I knew when they told me [Pax] was going to go into PTSD training, that he would make somebody feel the same sense of freedom he gave me in a place where I was supposed to be anything but [free]. He gave me back pieces of myself that I forgot even existed," Laurie said.

"When he left me and they told me he was going to you, Bill, I sat on my floor and cried. I realized that, by giving me Pax and taking him from me, he had given me the greatest gift that anyone had ever given me in my entire life. He restored a piece of my soul,” she finished.

Not only did Laurie get a once-in-a-lifetime chance to see the results of her work, but Bill also got to meet the woman responsible for helping with his recovery.

Watch the touching reunion in the video below:

"I never thought I'd see him again," she said. "If they opened the doors and let me out of prison, I wouldn't feel this good," Laurie said.

Sources: New York Times / Paw Buzz

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