Everyone Has A Drinking Cure, But Here's How The Most Popular Ones Stack Up Against Each Other

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Everyone Has A Drinking Cure, But Here's How The Most Popular Ones Stack Up Against Each Other

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The morning sun starts to rise, shedding light onto a messy bedroom with a passed out person strewn diagonally across the bed. This scene can play out anywhere in the world but it will always end the same way, with a promise:

"I'm never doing this again."

It's a lie. Maybe the biggest lie we tell ourselves. The pledge almost never holds up, and sooner or later that same sun is going to be rising again, probably over that same sick and dehydrated body.

Just as common as the lie is the promise of "guaranteed" remedies. Everyone has a tip, a technique, something they swear by. Usually it's just as false as the promise to never drink again, but there are some things that work better than others.

I've broken my share of pledges in the past, so I'm the perfect one to save you some time (and headaches) by giving you the skinny of the most popular "morning after" tips out there.

Morning Recovery

Let's begin shall we. We'll start with Morning Recovery.

While most remedy lore is rooted in superstition, Morning Recovery used ancient Chinese methods and examined them scientifically. They came up with something that did the impossible: let me wake refreshed after a night of drinking.

It uses a bunch of vitamins and nutrients to help replenish what you're losing, it also uses a specific ingredient found in old Chinese remedies which boosts your liver.

Take it before bed and you won't feel the need to lie to yourself.


When I think Flyby I usually think Top Gun, but if you spend your life living in the Danger Zone then you could do worse than the pill Flyby. Similar to Morning Recovery it's formulated with vitamins and metabolism boosters to help your body deal with the toxins that drinking causes.

One big difference between Morning Recovery and Flyby is that the latter is a pill, where the former is a liquid. Some people I know didn't like the peach flavor of Morning Recovery which would make Flyby the better choice for them.



Drinkwel is another vitamin supplement designed to help your body deal with your own bad choices. It can help you feel better the next morning, but if you text your ex, well there's no pill that can help you with that. They actually have a few different versions that can help out in a number of ways.

That's one advantage that Drinkwel holds over the competition. I tried their standard product, but they have other lines with different benefits. If one didn't work for you, perhaps the others might.



If you fight fire with fire, maybe you can fight drinking with drinking? DrinkAde is a liquid vitamin supplement that gives your body a boost and will help with those nasty toxins.

DrinkAde is unique because you actually take it before going out. If you really hit the drinks hard you might forget to take your medicine before bed, so this helps prevent that. It's also made with completely natural ingredients, which is a big plus in my books.

Never Too Hungover


Pedialyte never called itself a cure, that's something the public just bestowed upon it. That in itself makes for a pretty convincing case.

Alcohol dehydrates and that's one of the biggest causes for all those horrible symptoms. Pedialyte rehydrates you so it should make you feel right as rain after drinking right? Well, not exactly, it can certainly help you out when you've gone too far, but the reason that drinking water doesn't fix all your symptoms is because it's about more than hydration.

Alcohol isn't the only thing that can dehydrate you, and diarrhea which can occur after a night of hard drinking might also cause dehydration, that means it's just a good idea to have some Pedialyte handy.

The Verdict

You've probably noticed a trend, and I think it's safe to say that any choice is going to make you feel at least a little bit better, that said not all these techniques are created equal.

I had the best experience with Morning Recovery. It tastes like peaches, which I really like, and it was a small amount of liquid taken one time. Both Drinkwel and Flyby are pills that required big glasses of water to get down. Water is good, but having to pee three hours after passing out...not so much. Flyby also requires six pills per night out drinking, which I found to be a lot.

Morning Recovery

DrinkAde helped me feel a little better, but not as good as I felt with Morning Recovery. They're both liquid vitamins but I would say Morning Recovery had more bang for my buck. Pedialyte basically just rubbed my shoulders while I ralphed, it was nice to have the support, but couldn't fix the damage I had done.

If you're going out but don't want to lose the next day, go with Morning Recovery. But make sure that when you are hitting the town, you're hitting it responsibly.

Get Morning Recovery here and try it for yourself.

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