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Mom Reports Her Young Son Missing, But He Was Secretly Making Money For Something Special

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The spirit of Christmas seems to be most alive in the hearts and souls of young children around the world.

Children are taught some of the most important values during the holiday season, such as to celebrate love, bond as a family, think of others before thinking of yourself, being grateful, and spreading Christmas joy.

What's beautiful is that they take these values to heart and work hard to spread joy in their community.

One boy went through great lengths to make sure his family would have a wonderful Christmas, but his plan didn't go accordingly.

An Oklahoma mother frantically reported her 13-year-old son missing after he didn't come home at the time he was supposed to.

Sophia Reed asked her daughter, Deneisha, if she had any idea where her brother might be, but she bit her tongue, knowing well that if she told her mother the truth, Christmastime could be ruined for her whole family.

The story of the "missing" boy will warm you heart.

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