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'Sons Of Anarchy' Actor Found Dead At 48

Fans of Sons of Anarchy are aware that the show had a lot of jaw-dropping moments, but nothing has been more shocking than the recent string of deaths that has affected of the cast members.

On September 25, TMZ reported that one of the show's actors Paul John Vasquez died at the age of 48.

Vasquez, who was also known for his minor roles in other television shows like NYPD Blue, How I Met Your Mother, ER and CSI: NY, was found unconscious by his father. The paramedics were called immediately, but their efforts couldn't revive him.

No official cause of death has been provided as it is under investigation, but the celebrity news website said that Vasquez appeared to have suffered a heart attack.

One of his reps gave a statement to Fox News in which they revealed that "this news has come as a surprise to us."  They added, "Our hearts are heavy. He was a kind, creative and loving man. He will be missed."

At the time of his passing, Vasquez had just written a short film titled Thug Alley, and it was in pre-production.

Vasquez is the second actor from the biker gang drama to die suddenly in the last few months.

His costar Alan O'Neill, who portrayed Hugh, died in June at the age of 47. O'Neill's body was discovered by his girlfriend in the hallway of his Los Angeles apartment, and the the L.A. County Coroner's Office later confirmed that he died of sequelae of chronic ethanol (alcohol) over-consumption.

Despite signs of blunt head trauma and a coronary artery atherosclerosis, police ruled out foul play early on. They were convinced that he died after sustaining a fall and ruled his death an accident.

A month prior, a star of the hit FX series, David Labrava, was in mourning after his 16-year-old son, Tycho, took his own life. Labrava revealed the devastating news on Instagram and said that he was "broken."

"Never in a million tears would I think I would be posting this," he wrote in the caption. "This is my boy Tycho. He took his life a couple of days ago at 16 years old. He suffered from a depression we couldn't see because he was a happy young kid. Communicate with your loved ones, there might not be any signs. Cherish them. I am broken."

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Vasquez's loved ones. May he rest in peace.

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