Farrah Abraham Gets Shamed By Her Own 10-Year-Old Daughter On Instagram

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Farrah Abraham Gets Shamed By Her Own 10-Year-Old Daughter On Instagram

Instagram - Farrah Abraham/Instagram - Sophia Abraham

Kids obviously learn from their parents and pick up their traits. You always hope that it's something nice, like your attention to detail or your kindness towards other. However, they also end up taking on some of your bad habits, too. For Farrah Abraham, who used to be on Teen Mom, her 10-year-old daughter Sophia is picking up her sass. Yikes.

Instagram - Farrah Abraham

Farrah was doing on Instagram Live video with Sophia, and was talking about how her daughter was at an acting class.

"Sophia was pretending like she was shy at this acting thing and she got called out," Farrah told her viewers.

Sophia, as it turns out, didn't like being talked about on her mom's social media, and said she wasn't actually called out in the class.

"You just like to lie on social media," she said. "And you like to gossip about me on live all the time."

Instagram - Farrah Abraham

Farrah tried to laugh it off, saying "Oh I'm gossiping! I'm a gossip girl!"

Sophia didn't stop there.

"And she likes to embarrass me too," Sophia said. In a sarcastic tone she added, "You're the best mom ever."

It's interesting to see Sophia so stand-offish against her mom, although it's not uncommon of most ten year olds. Sophia has always seemed to be on her mom's side, especially when you look at Sophia's official Instagram account. She often talks about how wonderful her mom is and how much she loves being like her.

Instagram - Farrah Abraham

Of course, reading too much in to one Instagram video isn't going to give you the whole story. That being said, people are pretty happy to see Farrah getting a taste of her own medicine.

"But I'm so thrilled she called her mom out! Saying she's lying etc. and the best mom ever remark, priceless! The kid does know what her mother is. She needs a lot of counseling though. But applause for Farrah being brought down a few notches. And, by her own daughter! 😂"

Instagram - Sophia Abraham

"lol, it's starting!  Sophia smartmouthing back at Farrah. We all knew it was going to happen and Sophia is only 10 . . . What a disaster her teen years are looking to be."

"She's getting back, what she has done to her mother"

"Farrah hasn't even begun to get back some of that nasty smart mouthing she always gives her mom Debra. Farrah was always so disgustingly disrespectful to her parents now her daughter will treat her even worse."

Instagram - Sophia Abraham

Another person had an interesting take on the situation.

"It is not a bad thing that Sophia wants to set the story straight for the public . She is a child yet very much entitled to have her "truth" just like anyone else. I think it is a sign that she is going to be different from her mother. Even at a young age you begin to have a sense about what you want others to know about you , maybe she wants her life to be more private vs. everything on social media. Curious when we may find out who really runs Sophia's account..."

Instagram - Sophie Abraham

In the end, kids will always sass their parents, but something tells me Farrah is going to be getting it a little more than most parents.

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