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15 Signs Your Soul Has Reincarnated From A Past Life

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There are some things in life we can't explain, we just feel.

The more we understand our true purpose on this planet, the more we will experience happiness and harmony.

Many religious and spiritual people believe in the existence of the soul. It's quite hard not to.

We all have an essence, but for some of us, that essence has been around for a very long time.

Here are 15 signs that your soul has reincarnated from a past life at least once. If you have experience most of these signs, it's likely that you have a very old soul.

1. You have a fear of something you can't explain

Do you have any strange phobias besides fearing snakes and heights?

Say you're an incredible swimmer, but you have a huge fear of drowning. It's possible that in a past life your soul had a traumatic experience under water.

A friend of mine has an unexplained fear of people touching the back of her neck.

She says anytime someone comes even close to the back of her head she goes into a trance and freezes up.

2. You need alone time

It doesn't matter if you're an extrovert or an introvert, you need solitude.

You like spending time with your thoughts and analyzing situations.

Knowledge is something that your past life craves. It's still looking for answers and the only way your reincarnated self can do that is to spend time alone.

Some reincarnated souls love to do something creative during this time, like painting, writing, or playing music.

3. You're the black sheep of the family

It's not that you don't love your family, but that you feel like a misfit.

You probably have more powerful connections to some of your friends, or even some strangers you meet.

This isn't something you should be ashamed of. Your soul just can't help but feel this way.

4. You feel compelled by a "strange feeling"

The difficulty of having a reincarnated soul is that you find it hard to explain things. How are you supposed to make sense of things that you barely understand?

If you have the urge to visit a faraway land without knowing exactly why you want to do so, this is a clear indication of your past life trying to connect with you.

This strange feeling to let go and explore is likely going to teach you some valuable lessons or illuminate something about your past life.

5. You have memories of other lives

Do you know things that you've never learned before?

I was traveling in South America with a friend who has never been outside her own city.

When we arrived at this small town in Brazil, she knew her way around like the back of her hand.

She kept saying that she felt something powerful in this city. I didn't feel anything, it was like every other village we visited.

To this day she can't stop thinking about that place. The question is, was that all a coincidence? I think not.

6. You can't stand small talk

The main thing your soul seems to crave are deep conversations and connections.

You just want to sit for hours and talk with someone about the things that matter in the world.

7. You question the meaning of life

You're not part of the rat race. You're not interested in material possessions and living large.

It's the simple pleasures in life that bring you happiness, and you're not easily tempted to stray away from this form of thinking.

8. You have recurring dreams

We all dream, but it's when the same events and people show up more than once that we start questioning if these are "just dreams."

Dreams have long been known as the portal to another world. The only way to understand what's going on is to actually pay attention.

Recurring dreams is a clear sign of your past life trying to speak with you. Your soul wants you to remember something or someone, and that's up to you to find out why.

9. You experience déjí  vu often


We all experience déjí  vu now and then, but have you ever had déjí  vu a few times in a day or a week?

That's an abnormal amount to have. Experiencing like you've done something or been somewhere more than once is not witchcraft, it's your past life remembering something.

During these times, you're likely to temporarily lose contact with your emotions as you try to piece things together.

10. You have amazing intuition

People may tell you that you're street smart or wise beyond your years, which is all thanks to your past life.

This is one of the perks of being reincarnated: You have a stronger gut feeling than most other people.

You have a way of making sense of things faster and you usually make the right decision. If you don't know it now, it will be apparent in the future.

11. You recognize places you've never seen

This one doesn't make sense, right? I mean, it shouldn't, but you can't deny the things you know, even though you're not sure why you know these things.

Having memories in a place you've never been has something to do with an unconscious memory that's been dormant for quite some time.

Don't fear this sense of the familiar unfamiliar, let it help you understand your purpose in life.

12. People enjoy your company

People feel comfortable around you and sense that they can easily connect with you.

This is a sign that people are attracted to your aura and are compelled to understand the nature of who you are and how you came to be.

13. You're rebellious

The only laws you truly believe and follow are the fundamentals of what makes someone a good person.

If you must rebel against religion or civic laws you'll do so if that means you're bettering humankind.

14. You hear voices

Hearing voices and seeing things that are not there for a split second doesn't necessarily mean you're crazy.

The ways of the world are difficult to make sense of, and everything we experience cannot be perfectly explained in a medical journal.

One of the perks of being reincarnated is that you have access into past worlds.

15. You're very sensitive

You always have an urge to help people out.

Your compassionate nature inspires you to bring peace into this world and heal all that's broken.

You value balance and harmony, and have a hard time dealing with prolonged conflict.

Has your soul been reincarnated?

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