Southwest Passenger Dragged Off Flight By Officers In Viral Video

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Months after the shocking video of David Dao's arrest made headlines around the world, another confrontation between an airline passenger and police is attracting attention.

In a video filmed by a Southwest Airlines passenger earlier this week at the Batlimore-Washinton International Airport, officers can be seen dragging a woman out of her seat and walking her down the aisle towards the plane's exit. The passenger is reported to be Anila Daulatzai, a 46-year-old college professor from Baltimore.

Another passenger who recorded Daulatzai's arrest says that the strange encounter started when a pair of dogs boarded the airplane - one was a pet and one was a service animal. He says that Daulatzai complained to the flight crew that she had a life-threatening allergy to dogs.

These days it's common to see service animals on flights.EPS Emirates

Police say that the passenger asked a flight attendant to remove the animals, and also asked for an EpiPen (which is used to treat severe allergic reactions). Instead, the flight attendant told Daulatzai she had to leave the plane.

What happened next was caught on video. While it's shocking, an unusual rule allowed Southwest to kick the professor out of the plane...

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