Speeding Driver Is Served Instant Karma While Passing Illegally

It's impossible to drive without seeing a dozen different dumb drivers, or worse, dangerous ones. We never want someone to get hurt, even when we're mad at them, but it does feel good when we see some showoff get slapped with a ticket.

One driver made a lot of people's day when he found himself staring at a police car...that he just t-boned.

A dashcam video uploaded by a particularly impatient driver has been making its way across the internet. He must have had places to be, because we see him get into the opposite lane to pass the cars in front of him. The pedal hits the medal and he zooms by a long line of cars. I guess he wasn't paying attention because when their brake lights start going on he keeps zooming by.

He was going too fast to stop, even when a police officer took a left turn, crossing in front of him just when he was about to pass. Obviously the cop didn't check his mirror because why would a car be coming up behind him on the left? That's the opposing lane after all!

The regretful motorist hits the cop hard enough to turn the car, but thankfully everyone was okay. The video shuts off after that but it's not hard too imagine what happened next.

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