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You Can Get Alcoholic Ice Cream And Your Summer Just Got Way Better

On a hot day, the only thing better than a scoop of ice cream is a cold drink, but why pick just one? Sometimes a million-dollar idea comes along and you just have to kick yourself for not thinking of it first. That's how it feels to find out that the Tipsy Scoop Barlour in New York has changed the dessert game with their alcoholic ice cream.

The adult twist on the childhood treat comes courtesy of the shop's owner Melissa Tavss. She worked in the marketing department for liquor companies, and thought her family's ice cream recipe would taste great infused with booze.

Tipsy Scoops started as a small factory that sold pints to local grocery stores, but today they have their own shop. Of course, it's a mix between a bar and an ice cream shop, with wooden stools and a "happy hour."

Unlike other recipes that use liquor, the alcohol stays in the ice cream once it's made. The finished product that Tipsy Scoop sells has a 5% alcohol content, which is comparable to a light beer.

Customers can sample combinations of classic ice cream and liquor flavors, like Vanilla Bean Bourbon, Cake Batter Vodka Martini, and Dark Chocolate Whiskey and Salted Caramel (the store's best-seller).

Unfortunately there's only one Tipsy Scoop store in New York City for now, and only a handful of grocery stores sell the pints - it's a real headache to sell ice cream when you need to check the customer's I.D.

Thankfully, you can now order some Tipsy Scoop and have it shipped anywhere in the country. It seems like the perfect treat for a pool party or a lazy summer day.

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