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Spoiling Your Grandchildren Can Greatly Impact Their Health

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We all know that grandparents are always trying to do their best to make their grand kids' lives as wonderful as possible. Going to Grandma's house almost always means you get to eat the best cookies, watch the best shows and of course they are way more lenient on the rules than parents are.  The problem is that it turns out that by giving the kids such an easy time, it's actually harmful to their development.

A study was done to see how grandparents are impacting their grand kids, and while you might think all of this attention is good for them, it turns out that this overindulgent behavior is going to hurt more than it will help.

Grandparents who are a significant part of their grandchildren's lives have a lot more power than you might think. Scientists conducted a study to see how their actions would impact the weight, physical activity, and potential smoking habits of kids, and in several cases the grandparents' influence caused a negative effect later in life.

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