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See If You Can Spot All Six Snipers Before It's Too Late

Daily Mail

We all grew up playing hide-and-seek with our friends after school, and this led to some interesting life lessons. For some, we found out that we could fit ourselves into some pretty tight places, while others opted for a more "hide in plain sight" tactic.

As it turns out, that's that strategy that the elite soldiers of the world's armies use in the battlefield.

On Christmas Day, the Household Cavalry of the British Army tweeted the above picture to their 10,000 followers on the social media website, to see if they could turn their smartphones into detective devices.

Outfitted in only ghillie suits and using the surrounding grass, brush, and trees for cover, half a dozen riflemen hid themselves away, while still "visible" to the cameraman.

They said they would post answers the following day, but when scores of people asked for clues, they released another picture with "hints" towards their location.

Does the second picture help? Check the next page for the complete answers!

If you had trouble finding all six of them, don't worry, not many people could - even with 24 hours! Just think if you were out in the forest having to fight soldiers wearing this kind of camouflage!

The photo taken on Salisbury Plains was meant to serve as a form of entertainment for social media, but also to prove how capable today's soldiers are at appearing invisible when they want to.

Check out the revealed riflemen and see how many you were able to figure out!

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