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Research Shows Squatting When Peeing Is Better For You, And Hovering Is The Worst


When nature calls, your first instinct is to get to the bathroom and relieve yourself.

If you're peeing in a public toilet, you're most likely to hover over the seat to avoid your skin touching any germs. If you're at home, you plop your bum on the toilet seat and release.

If you're too lazy to cover the seat with toilet paper or seat liners, it may not be the healthiest thing to do for your bladder.

In fact, toilet paper works as a sponge for bacteria and will put you in direct contact with germs.

According to scientific research, whether you're sitting on or hovering over the toilet, you're peeing wrong, and here's why.

According to health experts, bending at the waist is the worst way to pee because you're training your muscles to not relax, meaning that you won't be emptying your bladder.

This will put you at a higher risk for urinary track infections in the future.

Urologist Sam Peh explains that fully squatting is the healthiest way to relieve yourself, because your pelvic floor muscles and bladder are in a more relaxed position.

That being said, Peh doesn't think squatting in public is always best, but there may be a solution to all this.

"I don't advocate squatting on a public toilet because you can fall off as most public toilets these days are sitting toilets so squatting on it is not acceptable. People will view that as bad behavior but if you can find an old-fashioned squatting toilet, that'll solve the problem."

Since that's not an option for many, placing toilet paper on the seat and climbing on it will be your best bet.

Have you ever tried squatting when peeing?

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