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Staff Volunteered To Sleep At The Hospital Past Their Regular Shifts To Care For Patients


Hospital staff are going out of their way to help an overwhelming amount of patients during a huge snow storm. Storm Emma is a snow storm taking over the UK.

This unusual storm has caused many people to have to go to the hospital. When the worst of this storm hit, many staff members of Royal Derby Hospital as well as other NHS hospital staff stayed overnight at the hospital, ensuring they were on hand to support patients throughout the duration of the crazy weather conditions.

The hospital originally offered its staff accommodation if they were worried about getting to and from work in the storm. They also organized a service to pick up any staff who were stuck in the snow.

What originally started as a help for the staff, turned into an opportunity for staff to do an immensely selfless act. A lot of the staff began sleeping at the hospital, even if they were able to get home.

They wanted to stay there to ensure the increasing number of patients were in good care.

This is what one nurse said about her act of kindness.

"I stayed over Wednesday night, as the snow was coming down hard and I was back at work the next day, it just seemed the sensible thing to do," said a nurse to UNILAD.

"It really doesn't seem to us to be dedication, it's just what we do to keep our patients safe and support each other. All the staff work together, Derby really is an amazing hospital for teamwork and support."

The hospital staff's actions are not going unnoticed. Many people are taking to Twitter to express their gratitude to the employees.

One user said, "Thank you!!! You are all heroes." Another said, "Hope you can get properly warm and rest now, your dedication is inspiring."

It's amazing to see the selfless work these people are doing. I bet many people are very grateful for the amazing care they are in because of the staff at these hospitals.