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Star Of Hit Reality Show Announces She's Had Enough

Everyone who is familiar with the show Dance Moms will be surprised to hear that the lead of the show has called it quits.

Abby Lee Miller, owner of the dance school that the show is centered around, has announced that she is quitting.

She has been a part of the show for all 7 seasons but she has resigned with claims that the producers refused to credit her with the ideas of the award winning routines and costumes.

She posted a long angry message on her Instagram that calls out the producers.

It says "The majority of children that follow me may be fast asleep, however now is the critical time to make the following statement: I WILL NO LONGER TAKE PART IN DANCE MOMS. FOR THE PAST SIX YEARS/ SEVEN SEASONS I HAVE ASKED, BEGGED, AND EVEN DEMANDED CREATIVE CREDIT FOR ALL THE IDEAS, AWARD WINNING ROUTINES, THEMES AND COSTUMING - TO NO AVAIL! TODAY, I WAS SO PROUD THAT I WENT AGAINST THE PRODUCER'S IDEA (ONCE AGAIN) TO ENTER A COMMAND PERFORMANCE OF ONE OF MY FAVORITE NUMBERS..."WHERE HAVE ALL THE CHILDREN GONE?" ALONG WITH THREE BEAUTIFUL SOLO! I don't have a problem working with any kid, I love children and have dedicated my life to making other people's children successful! I JUST HAVE A PROBLEM WITH BEING MANIUPLATED, DISRESPECTED, AND USED - DAY IN AND DAY OUT BY MEN WHO NEVER TOOK A DANCE LESSON IN THEIR LIVES AND TREAT WOMEN LIKE DIRT! #dancemoms #season7 #ALDC #aldcalaways #newbeginnings #aldcla #allIlovedancecourage."

So far there is no comment from the network or from her representation.

Would you still watch Dance Moms if she wasn't a part of it? They would probably need to change the studio as well as the rest of the cast. Would you still watch?