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Starbucks Employee Leaked This Year's Holiday Cups And They Look Very Different

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It isn't even Halloween yet, but the most wonderful time of the year is only ten Fridays away and Starbucks is already getting everyone excited.

Every year since 1997, the coffee-chain unveils limited-edition cups just in time for the holidays to celebrate the spirit of the season.

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Over the years, Starbucks' red cups helped spread cheer by featuring festive art and joyful quotes. However, more recently, the company drifted away from the iconic design-heavy cups to a more minimalist look.


A lot of customers were upset because the plain cups lacked the decor that everyone waits all year long to see. Starbucks took this feedback, and last year they unveiled 13 cups with Christmas-esque designs created by customers from all over the world.


Now, the company may once again be trying something new with their holiday cups. Although Starbucks hasn't made an official announcement yet, an employee and Reddit user DarthSpoopy shared a photo of what appears to be this year's festive cups, and they're not red!

Ready to see what they look like?

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