Starbucks To Start Delivering In Six Cities Across The US

Soon it might be a delivery person spelling your name wrong on your Starbucks cup.

Starbucks has built its brand around their coffee houses. Sleekly decorated, warm and inviting. They actively encourage their customers to spend hours at their tables.

After all, you'd earn the right to sit after spending $5 on a cup of coffee.


Now Starbucks is going to try something completely different. Instead of having you wait in a long line and give a barista your name, you can punch your order in your phone and they'll come to you!

The coffee giant is teaming up with Uber to test out coffee delivery in six US cities. This is something that worked out very well for McDonald's, who also tested out delivery with Uber, courtesy of the UberEats app, and eventually rolled it out nationwide.

The first city to get Starbucks delivery will be San Francisco, which will get it this week. Over the next few weeks the delivery will expand to New York City, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, and Washington D.C.

In total, that's 3,500 Starbucks stores that will soon be offering delivery.

UberEats has become the delivery service of choice for countless restaurants that might not normally offer delivery. According to BusinessInsider, it's the fastest growing delivery service in the US, having grown 150% annually since it's creation in 2014.

Obviously, many fans were thrilled.

Starbucks initially tried delivery back in 2015. It started exclusively in the Empire State Building, delivering only to those who worked in it. It expanded to Seattle, Starbuck's hometown, a few months later.

It will be interesting to see if there's a quality drop off in ordering the coffee. Starbucks promises that 95% of its menu will be available, but can they really get it to us before the whip cream on our frappuccinos melts?

Are you excited for Starbucks delivery?

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