Starbucks Is Adding New, Long-Awaited Items To Their Menu

Starbucks is a main part of most people's morning routines. But it can be hard to stick to certain dietary restrictions when getting food from them.

And while, yes, people could choose to go somewhere else, at some point companies need to start including different demographics when deciding what to serve in their stores.

Starbucks has announced they will now be serving gluten-free and vegan food options across the United States.

One of the more exciting items for people who don't eat gluten is their new gluten-free breakfast sandwich.


The sandwich will be prepared in a "certified gluten-free environment" so people who have celiac disease don't have to worry about contamination. It will be comprised of Canadian bacon, egg, cheddar cheese, all on a gluten-free roll.

Of course, it's not just people who have celiac disease that are avoiding gluten.

"You have this whole group of consumers who believe gluten isn't good for you," Technomic Chief Insights Officer Darren Tristano said. "And if you're not speaking their language, you risk losing [them]."

"I don't see that this will have a dramatic impact on [Starbucks] sales but will help more with retention of customers," Tristano explained. "This is designed to build trust with customers so they respect your brand."


In addition to gluten-free options, there will also be vegan-friendly treats. A sprouted grain bagel, an organic avocado spread, two fruit-filled yogurt parfaits, and peanut butter cup cookies will all be added to the menu.

Will these new food items make your Starbucks experience better? Let us know!

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