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Starbucks Is Giving Away Free Frappuccinos Today, But You've Got To Hurry

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Today is a blessed day. Why? It's just some random day in June, why would it be any better than any other Friday? Well, on this glorious Friday, June 29th, you can get FREE Frappuccinos.

That's right, Starbucks has made this regular old Friday into an exciting event.

The popular coffee chain is known for their decadent Frappuccinos. They are almost always a teen's gateway drink into a coffee obsession, but they are just as beloved by the rest of us. They are sweet, refreshing, give you that sugar boost you need for that 3 p.m. slump.

Anna Carson, AP

Starbucks knows that 3 p.m. is that magical hour when everyone's eyelids simultaneously gain weight, making it almost impossible to stay awake until the end of the day.

They know that our morning coffees have long since worn off and we are struggling to make it until quitting time. So to help us out, they have brought back everyone's favorite promotion.

Starbucks Happy Hour will let you go with a friend to any Starbucks location and participate in the Buy One Get One deal.

All you need is a Starbucks card, and then when you order a Frappuccino or any grande (or larger) size drink, you'll get a second Frappuccino at no extra cost!


What kind should you get? Well, if you go fast, you'll have lots of time to try them all.

Whether you go for a Cinnamon Roll Frapp, or a Lemon Bar Creme, you really can't go wrong. There's a Cupcake Creme flavor, Ultra Caramel, Red Velvet Cake, Serious Strawberry, and even Matcha Green Tea, so it's not like your options are limited.

Make sure you have your Starbucks card with you, and sign up for the notifications so you will know when it's happening in the future!

Enjoy your delicious afternoon treat!

Source - Delish

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