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Starbucks Is Now Paying For An Extremely Expensive Medical Procedure For Its Employees

Starbucks is nothing if not progressive. They are constantly looking for ways to improve the well-being of their employees and giving back to the community as well.

They have a Community page on their website, where they boast the company is committed to "bringing people together, inspiring change and making a difference in people's lives – it's all part of being a good neighbor. And it's a commitment rooted in the belief that we can use our size to bring about positive change."

They list the following community involvement opportunities:

  • Opportunity Youth programs
  • Youth Work Placement Programs
  • Community Service
  • Youth Leadership Grants
  • Ethos Water Fund
  • Starbucks Foundation

Starbucks is also known for its incredible dedication to supporting their employees, with the following benefits options being listed on their website:

  • 401k Matching
  • Bonuses
  • Adoption Assistance
  • Health Coverage
  • Full Tuition Coverage

But there is another perk Starbucks offers to both full and part-time employees that can cover up to $20,000.

Starbucks will cover $20,000, as well as any related medications, for any associate who is choosing to undergo in vitro fertilization. According to Forbes, each cycle of IVF costs about $12,000 plus the cost of any medications and fertility drugs needed.

While people seem to be just figuring this out now, it appears that Starbucks has been offering family planning services for the past 10 years.

For Shannon Iagulli, it's the main reason she sought out work at the coffee chain.

"You think barista, you think 18-year-old working to go through school, not a 27-year-old woman trying to have a baby," Iagulli told CBS News. Because of the coverage offered by Starbucks, she and her husband have been able to have two children.

Iagulli took up her barista part-time, but that's all she needed to get the benefits.

Shannon Iagulli has benefited from Starbucks' coverage of IVF. CBS News

"It's just been part of who we are, that if you work here and you put in the time, you're going to get the benefits that make you a full partner," said Starbucks executive Lucy Helm. "It is really important to everyone and I think it's something that we're all very, very proud of. People fall in love with working for our company once they become a partner here."

The service is offered in both the United States and Canada.

"We do have fertility treatment and drugs as part of our coverage at Starbucks Canada," the spokesperson said. "This is in addition to a robust health and dental benefits plan that also includes our $5,000 a year mental health benefit for psychology and social worker services, for all eligible partners and their dependents."

The response to the news that Starbucks will help with IVF has been mostly positive, with people applauding their desire to help their employees.

What do you think about this benefit?