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15 Stars Who Had Their Body Parts Insured For Tons Of Money

Being a celebrity is tough. We don't mean going to award shows and parties, but all of the other stuff.

Celebrities sign autographs until their hands fall off, walk on high heels until their ankles break, and even work their butts off. Maybe that's why so many stars have those body parts insured for huge cash payouts.

These 15 stars put a price on their most famous assets.

1. David Beckham


Body part: His legs

He's focusing more on being a dad than being a pro soccer player these days, but at the height of his career Beckham had his legs insured for $70 million, or $35 million each. You know, just in case anyone bent them.

2. Dolly Parton


Body part: Her chest

Country legend Dolly Parton's bra size is reportedly 40DD, and she obviously thinks that helped her singing career. She had her bosom insured for $600,000 back in the '70s, making it worth more than $3 million today.

3. Keith Richards

957 Ben FM

Body part: His hands

Yes, the lead guitarist of the Rolling Stones had his talented digits insured for $2 million, but we'd really like to borrow his liver for a weekend.

4. Daniel Craig

MGM / Columbia Pictures

Body part: The whole thing

The latest actor to step into James Bond's suit prides himself on doing his own stunts. For Quantum of Solace, his studio took out a $9.5 million insurance policy on his body.

5. Heidi Klum


Body part: Her legs

Klum was a Victoria's Secret model, which explains why the legs she uses to sashay down the catwalk are valued at $2 million each. She revealed that assessors valued her left leg less than her right because of a tiny scar from her childhood.

6. David Lee Roth

Rolling Stone

Body part: Little David

The story goes that the other members of Van Halen were getting their body parts insured before a tour, when lead singer Roth insisted his...privates were his biggest asset. There's no word on how much the policy was actually worth.

7. Bette Davis

Popular Smokers

Body part: Her waist

The leading lady was reportedly worried about how gaining weight would affect her career prospects, and had her signature figure undersigned for $28,000, or just under half a million in today's money. That's one approach to dieting.

8. America Ferrera


Body part: Her smile

The Superstore and Ugly Betty star was featured in a Crest toothpaste and, and the company decided to protect her teeth. That made her the woman with the $10 million smile.

9. Tom Jones

The Frisky

Body part: His chest hair

It was a longstanding rumor that the "It's Not Unusual" singer had his signature chest coif insured for $7 million by British agency Lloyd's of London. The singer's manager downplayed the story, saying that Jones was "working far too hard in the recording studio" for something that silly.

But in a shocking twist, the insurers confirmed there was a policy for the singer's chest hair. That is unusual.

10. Julia Roberts

Purple Clover

Body part: Her teeth

Roberts has a winning smile, and it's undoubtedly part of her appeal as an actress. So we're not surprised her chompers are insured for $30 million. That works out to just under $1 million per tooth, in case you were curious.

11. Charlie Chaplin


Body part: His feet

As "the Tramp," Chaplin delighted audiences with hijinks that required him to be light on his feet. To protect his career, the actor and director had his feet valued at $150,000, or $3 million in today's money.

Chaplin quipped that, from his point of view, "$150,000 is a very small amount for the loss of both feet."

12. Mariah Carey


Body part: Her legs and vocal cords

The "We Belong Together" singer says she realized how much her body was worth after appearing in ads for Gillette. Her $70 million insurance policy is split between her vocal cords and legs.

13. Bruce Springsteen

Radio and Music

Body part: His vocal cords

No points for guessing that the Boss would have his voice insured, but Lloyd's of London values the rocker's singing talent at $6 million.

14. Madonna


Body part: Her chest

She always said she was a material girl, and it seems like that includes everything. The singer's breasts are valued at $2 million by her insurance policy.

15. Gene Simmons

Michael DesBarres

Body part: His tongue

The KISS front man is famous for his long tongue, so it's no surprise that he had it insured for $1 million. But does he get a payout if he bites his tongue?

16. Jennifer Lopez

Eat This Not That

Body part: Her butt...or not

Her curves helped her career, and even led to the creation of Google Image Search, but "Jenny from the block" insists her butt is not worth $27 million, despite what people say. She discussed the rumors and the whole absurd situation while she was on Carpool Karaoke:

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