Start Getting Excited, Oreo Is Releasing Candy Canes This Christmas

I love Christmas, okay? It's just a great time of year where so many people are happy and full of love!

One of the best parts of Christmas is the treats, no doubt. The cakes, cookies, and squares that are homemade for parties just melt in your mouth. There'a also some great store-bought candy, but after a while it gets a little repetitive.

Mint candy canes are sooo 2010. That's why these new flavored candy canes are about to blow your taste buds off.

That's right. We're getting a cookies and cream flavor candy cane!!

As of right now, Nabisco (the company that makes Oreos) hasn't confirmed the product, but it sounds legit to me. Candy Hunting is a popular junk food scouter, so I trust they wouldn't lead us astray!

Some people are loving the idea of Oreo candy canes, while others think it's gone too far.

What do you think?