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Why Stepping In Poo Is The Most Fun You'll Have During The Holidays


You know that period of time during the holidays where the presents are open, the food has been eaten and everyone is just...sitting around. Sure relaxing is great, but sometimes it can be a little bit dull.

Most families have some traditions that fill the void, but I predict a new tradition is going to be started this year: stepping in poo.

Disgusting board games aren't new, but they've always been a favorite. Once you dive in it's easy to see why. "Don't Step In It" is flying off the shelves and anyone who has a dog and mows a lawn knows the rules.

You set up a lawn mat, place plastic poo, blindfold someone and see if they can make it from one end to the other without stepping in crap.

Sounds simple, but it's also hilarious. The reviews on Amazon are almost all 5-star and it's also on sale right now. Check it out here.

The funniest part about this game is that it suggests you can play this alone. I'm just trying to picture someone choosing to dodge fake poop as a way to entertain themselves and it's hilarious.

It is a funny game for the whole family, though. Step in the least amount of poop to win!

Like I said, gross games aren't new, and there are a lot of other options.

Another game that's been getting a lot of buzz is Pimple Pete, and it's not for those with a weak stomach.

Pete clearly has acne issues, and it's up to YOU to help him with them. Pull the zits from Pete's face, but be careful not to pop the mega-zit on his nose or else you'll get sprayed with puss (water).

Get it here.

The goal of the game is to not end up with poop on your head, which should also be your goal in life. This card game boasts "butt-loads" of fun for the whole family and it includes a Whoopie cushion.

You can get one here.

Spin the wheel to find out how many times you have to pull this cheeky monkey's finger. His butt inflates with each pull, each time trying harder to hold in a fart. At some point, he won't be able to hold it anymore and he'll fart. Try not to be the one who pulled his finger that time, otherwise you lose.

Get one here.

Feed your dog, and hope it poops! That's right. The person who collects the most "fart tokens" wins the game. It sounds ridiculous, but it's insanely popular among kids.

Get one here.

Everyone gets a remote which will randomly light up. When yours does, click your button to release a fart sound. Everyone else's job is to try and guess who made the sound, while your job is to keep a straight face when you do.

There are 10 different fart sounds, so you never know what's about to fill the silence.

Get one here!

"You can pick your friends, you can pick your nose, but never pick your friend's nose." It's something we all heard when growing up. But apparently that doesn't hold true anymore.

Stick your finger up Louie's nose and grab a booger. If you pick the wrong one, Louie's eyes pop out and his brains fly out...y'know, just like real life.

Get one here.

Spin the toilet paper roll and find out how many times you have to flush the toilet. Be careful, though! One too many times and you'll get sprayed in the face!

Get one here.

Feed the pig until his stomach explodes and shoots food at you! What's not to love?

Admittedly, this game isn't that gross, but it's a little morbid to say the least.

Get one here.

There is nothing appealing to me about bed bugs, but apparently I'm in the minority! In this game, the creepy crawlers skitter around the bed while you try to catch them with your tweezers.

Get one here!

Poor Ned. His head is full of spiders, rats, an alien, socks, a screw, and countless other objects. When you draw a card, you have to reach your hand inside Ned's Head and pull out the object on your card, based entirely on feel.

Get one here.

Never in my life, and I truly mean never, have I had the desire to fish floating pieces of poop out of water. I don't even like fishing for fish. But this bath game has six piece of fake poop for you to reel up from the tub.

Get one here.

Which one will you be getting?

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