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Steve Irwin's Son Robert Is Just 13, But He's Already An Incredible Wildlife Photographer

Robert Irwin / Instagram

Ask the child of any celebrity and they'll tell you: growing up in the public spotlight is really tough.

The Irwin family. From left to right: Bindi, Steve, Robert and Terri.ITV

Robert Irwin had it even tougher than most famous kid. The youngest child of Steve Irwin, better known as TV's The Crocodile Hunter, he lost his father to a tragic on-set accident when he was only three years old. Before he passed away, Steve left his children with a lifetime of incredible memories of their family business, the Australia Zoo.

Both Robert and his older sister Bindi Irwin were homeschooled at the zoo, and learned about the animals there from a very young age. In fact, Steve once got in trouble for feeding a massive crocodile with baby Robert in his arms. That's the kind of experience that only happens to the Croc Hunter's son.

But since his father passed away, Robert has been blazing his own trail in both the entertainment business and the world of wildlife conservation. Like his dad (and his sister, and his mother) Robert is passionate about the incredible animals that fill our world, and he has a unique way sharing them with us: wildlife photography.

He's just 13 years old, but Robert has already taken some incredible photos...

Like the rest of his family, Robert hosts his own wildlife TV show, Wild But True, on Discovery Kids.

Traveling for the show takes him all over the world, and while he's on the go Robert manages to capture the beauty of nature. One Instagram post at a time, he's sharing his wild encounters with people everywhere.

But Robert has other talents too. He wrote a children's book series called Dinosaur Hunter, and you might remember his hilarious appearance on The Tonight Show. His presentation impressed audiences, especially because he reminded them so much of his famous dad.

But it's clear that Robert's strongest skill is photography. His pictures have been featured in magazines and exhibitions around the world. He's even been named a finalist or runner-up in several national and international photo competitions.

Whatever Robert does next, we're sure his dad would be very proud of all his accomplishments.

You can see more of Robert's photographs here!

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