New Book Claims Stevie Nicks Was Abused By Her Former Fleetwood Mac Band Member


New Book Claims Stevie Nicks Was Abused By Her Former Fleetwood Mac Band Member

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We all remember Stevie Nicks as the mega-talented vocalist of Fleetwood Mac, but the days of her wild rock 'n roll past have become a distant memory.

However one biographer is trying to bring back scrutiny to the singer by releasing an unauthorized tell-all about Nick's early musical career.

Stephen Davis, recently published the book Gold Dust Woman, and didn't hold anything back.

The writer reportedly interviewed several individuals who worked with both Fleetwood Mac and solely Nicks herself, who all requested anonymity.

Davis revealed that Fleetwood Mac was originally hesitant on adding Nicks to their roster when she failed to impress the band members.

"The band didn't even really want to hire her," Davis said. "Their guitar player had to quit so Mick Fleetwood heard Lindsey Buckingham, who was Stevie's boyfriend, playing the guitar, and tried to hire him to be the new guitarist for Fleetwood Mac."

"But Lindsey said, 'Look, if you want me, you have to take my girlfriend Stevie Nicks. We're a duo.' So for the first maybe year or so, Stevie was in a band. She felt that she was only in the group because of her boyfriend."

But the band's decision on adding Nicks to their lineup turned out to be a fruitful outcome as the public fell in love with her colorful persona.

However, Nick's skyrocketing stardom caused a rift in her relationship with Lindsay Buckingham, which was already volatile.

"It was too hard for them to work together, be in a band and go home together at the end of the day," Davis explained. "It was too much pressure. But also, she reported that he was abusive to her. He slapped her, I know he hit her and choked her in front of the band... [That] was getting a little more publicity than I'm comfortable with because it's not really what the book is about... [But] I believe this was one of the reasons."

While the band went on to record their wildly successful album "Rumors" in 1977, Fleetwood Mac was unraveling behind closed doors. It wouldn't be long until the members went their separate ways, including Nicks and Buckingham - both professionally and personally.

"Lindsey and Stevie [also] broke up... They spent a year working in the studio barely speaking to each other, but it resulted in an incredible album," Davis said.

While Nicks doesn't often divulge into her failed relationship, she is open when discussing her addiction to drugs.

She revealed that back in the 80s, her psychiatrist prescribed her Klonopin to calm her nerves after ending a decade of snorting cocaine.

But Klonopin didn't have the desired effect on Nick's health, and in her opinion, made it worse. Although she stopped using coke, she spent another eight years of her life addicted the tranquilizer, which she said was during "the prime of my life."

"Maybe I would have gotten married, maybe I would have had a baby, maybe I would have made three or four more great albums with Fleetwood Mac" she told Rolling Stone in 2017. "That was the prime of my life, and [that psychiatrist] stole it."

"Someone had asked her what was the name of her psychiatrist, who prescribed this stuff," said David. "And she said his name was Dr. F--khead. She's very bitter about having those years blanked out of her life."

Despite her hardships, Nicks is still thriving in the music business and is set to go on tour with Fleetwood Mac this October. Buckingham won't be joining the group.

"The future for Stevie is more work," Davis shared. "Maybe not more records because she said the industry is finished and she doesn't want to take a year of time and a lot of money to make a record that no one will buy. [Instead], she said she's on a mission to stay on the stage and sing."

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