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Experts Say That Hugging Your Dog Is Bad For Them And We Are Not Happy About It

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If you own a dog, puppy, or forever-a-puppy, then you know they are more than simply a pet, or animal that hangs around the house. They are a part of your family, and should therefore get the same love and respect for being part of your home unit.

This means that you want to show them the same affection you would a small child, but apparently the occasional pat on the head or belly rub is about as far as you should go to showing that care, for their sake.

Because even though our doting canines may appear to enjoy the embrace, often times it is more patience than enthusiasm.

"I've never seen a dog who — when you hug them — they stand up and wag their tail and they're so excited." says dog-cognition scientist Dr. Alexandra Horowitz. "They do something else. They deal with it, you know?"

Many dog owners have butted heads on this issue for a while now, and it's understandable why they may have strong feelings on the subject. Everyone wants to show their dog love, especially since we can't just tell them. But what is so bad with hugging?

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