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Stop Praising Dads For Doing Normal Parenting Duties

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Hey guess what? It takes two people to have a baby. Shocker, I know.

We always hear about moms this, moms that and yes they are absolutely superheros. But they are also held to an impossibly high standard by people who don't even know them.

Then, there's dads. Dads tend to be seen as the fun, less strict parent and also tend to be given little to no credit for their parenting ability.

That's why it's so utterly frustrating when dad's get an insane amount of praise for doing something mom does...every. single. day.

Dave Hornby, a stay-at-home dad from the UK, shares the same opinion and wrote about dad's receiving extra praise for fatherhood when in reality, it's their job just like it is mom's.

Changing a diaper, taking the kids to school, or making them a meal are all tasks moms complete on a daily basis. When a dad does it? Well, look at how GREAT of a parent he is!!! So great of him to show he cares for that one time a week.

"I see it time and time again: mums are frequently belittled at every opportunity when it comes to child-rearing," says Hornby. "Whereas dads are placed on a pedestal for doing the things they should be doing."

"Either way, I find it strange that I’m seen as someone doing more than is expected," he continues. "It’s like raising my kid is some kind of cute hobby rather than the huge responsibility I signed up for when we decided to try for a baby."

Continue reading to find out why Dave Hornby hates the term 'babysitting.'

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