Stranded U.S. Marines Decided to Spend To Give Back To The Community They Are Trapped In

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Stranded U.S. Marines Decided to Spend To Give Back To The Community They Are Trapped In


A ship full of U.S. Marines arrived in Montreal, in December. The ship was supposed to have a brief stop in Montreal after a tour of the Maritimes, before heading to Florida.  

Before the ship was able to leave, it got stuck in thick ice caused by the cold winter in Montreal.

Since the Marines have been stranded in Montreal since December, some decided to step up and make the decision to volunteer at Montreal's Welcome Hall Mission.

The Marines are helping by packaging food, stocking and working the check-out counters.

"We are so excited, because our volunteer engagements plummet the first three months of the year due to sickness and what not, so we are constantly in need of volunteers," said Nancy Dossous, a coordinator at the Mission.

"I know in a few months from now these men are going to be chasing pirates in the Caribbean, literally, so it means a lot they are willing to sacrifice their time and do things like sort green onions," she said.

The Welcome Hall Mission in Montreal has been in service for 125 years. They typically serve 3,000 meals each week to those in need.

The Marines were welcomed with opened arms and graciously thanked for their volunteering by the staff, as well as the people using the mission's services.

Throughout their time stuck in Montreal, the 70 crew members have been on the ship doing daily training exercises.

It is amazing to see our Marines making the best out of a bad situation. To spend their extra time volunteering for a country that isn't even their own is awesome. It shows they truly care about others and that is exactly the type of people I want representing my country. Way to go U.S. Marines.