Stray Cats Are Head Over Tails For These Holes

There's a spot in Japan where all the stray cats love to hang out.

No, it's not a fish disposal site.

It's a street with a lot of drain pipe holes.

Nyan Kichi, a Japanese photographer, spends a lot of his time taking pictures of these stray cats who have come to know and love him. The cats obviously don't have any toys, but it doesn't seem to matter. They just love their drain pipe holes.

The cats literally just spend their days jumping in and out of holes in the ground and seem to want to do nothing else!

Take a look through some of the cutest pictures Kichi has taken. He even brings a toy mallet for Whack-A-Mole!

スカイツリー! #猫です

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「最近どう?」「ボチボチにゃ」 . #カメラのキタムラ #キタムラ写真投稿 #かわいい #straycat

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